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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

3:56 pm edt 

DDR Episode 13 & the return of Ten Extra Pounds

Hello and happy summer!

I just wrapped up episode 13 of The D.Witt Drawing Revue, spray painting another dog mural in MPLS, and you can watch it here on my Youtube channel.

In unlikely events, my band, Ten Extra Pounds, reunited and played our first show in about 14 years. This was not a surprise for us, since we'd been working for about 1 year writing and playing songs as best we could in the middle of a pandemic so we could perform at the surprise birthday party of our friend Matty (he was totally surprised). There won't be a lot of live shows for us in the future, but we will continue making new music because we're having so much fun doing it. This is the full recording of our full set at Barely Bros. Records. And this is the first music video I ever made for our song "Having Fun in'21", just fooling around with learning the software for video editing. There will be more videos in the future!



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Thursday, July 1, 2021

The D.Witt Drawing Revue - Episode 12

Hello and happy summer!

I'm busy with a number of projects, and you can see some of what I am working on here:

The D.Witt Drawing Revue - Epsiode 12


2:17 pm edt 

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