David R. Witt, aka DWITT, is a full time artist whose work has appeared on beer cans & bottles, video games, comic books, t-shirts, gigposters, art prints, & album covers. He painted the bimonthly covers of the beer-centric magazine The Growler & created the posters for the Beer Dabbler events, as well as all of the artwork for the annual Zombie Pub Crawl, in addition to the biweekly food review comic Louie the Loon for HeavyTable.com. All of his work is created by hand without the use of computers. He lives in Maplewood, Minnesota with his wife, two kids, two dogs, a cat, and an unruly garden. 



Lerner Publishing 

Liquid Death


Summit Brewing Company 

Flat Earth Brewing Co. 

Surly Brewing Company

The Beer Dabbler 

City Pages 


Seattle Weekly

Harmonix (Guitar Hero II )

Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Concept Group

Heavy Table

Gotta Go Gotta Throw 

Modern Radio

Stand Up Records

Jumpstart Records

Epitaph Records 

Zombie Pub Crawl

Tito's Vodka

Santa Crawl 

Boom Studios

The Rose Ensemble