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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Inbound Brewing Co. Pop Up Shop

I've got my first pop up shop of the year happening on Sat Feb 18th at Inbound Brewing Co from 3-8pm. I'll have a wide range of prints, including test prints, some comics, my Portraits Volume 1 book, plus some original art! See you guys on the weekend!


9:35 am est 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Become A Patron

 Greetings everyone. I've started a Patreon account to see if I can begin making my DWITT Dailys comics a legitimate job for me instead of a passion project that pays no returns. For just $1 a month you will get access to Patron only comics as well as the assurance that you'll continue to get regular comics from me. At the $5 and up level you'll also get behind the scenes sketches and thought processes on my work plus input on future comics, and at $10 a month you'll get to own some of those original sketches and drawings.

     Patreon is a new platform for me and I will continue to develop it so I can make it as rich an experience as I can for those of you willing to offer up monthly support for my work. On top of my other comic book projects and teaching job, I'm gonna make a go of being a full-on comic book artist this year and into the future. The freelance game is wearing me down. 

    Become one of my patrons right here! 

10:40 pm est 

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